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Best Banks in Chicago 2020

All the best banks in Chicago is scattered in different corners as it is the third largest city in America. It has its prominence in the investment and banking sectors. In due course, it is hard for the customers to choose which one is the best fitting into the requirements and financial Investments. 

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It is very difficult for a person to go to each of the banks to find out the advantages and disadvantages. So we thought of providing you a list of top 10 banks in Chicago which would help you in selection. Also we have spend more than 100 hours in compiling the list and also there are more than 30 factors such as APY, customer service, number of branches, Annual maintenance fee, etc.

Best banks in chicago

These are the top 10 best banks in Chicago:

  1. BMO Harris
  2. Chase Bank
  3. Wintrust Bank
  4. MB financial bank
  5. PNC Bank
  6. US Bank Chicago
  7. Huntington Bank
  8. Byline Bank
  9. TCF Bank
  10. American Eagle Bank of Chicago

BMO Harris - This one is one of the most reputed and recommended bank in Chicago. This bank is best suited for the customers who want a free checking account. The account can start only by $25 and then there are no further charges. Customers don't require paying a monthly fee as long as there is a sign up for e-Statements. This bank is among the top rated banks in Chicago. This bank provides you with the best services for financial investments.


  • This bank has ATM access at all points
  • Provides low minimum deposit for accounts


  • The geographical location of this bank is limited only to 7 other states

Chase Bank - This is again a renowned bank having multiple ATM points and its branches all over the place. The bank account can be accessed from any corner of the world through online banking. The deposit rates in order to open the account range from $25 to $1000. It is perfect for the customers who want huge deposits in the account with their simple reach. Offering multiple investment options, it is one of the most recommended platforms for business icons.


  • A good number of branches and ATM sites
  • Profound online banking options


  • Requires monthly maintenance fees from customers
  • Minimum deposit is also required


Wintrust Bank - This bank is perfect for the localites and non-commercial personalities as it has only 132 branches. But it certainly has most of the services that others don't provide like coin counting, currency exchange, and safety deposit boxes. It is a small organization but it is worth taking a chance. This bank offers the most convenient customer service.


  • It source online and mobile banking options
  • Money-spinning interest rates
  • Multiple account options for the customers


  • Requires minimal deposit for checking the accounts
  • Limited branches as compared to other banks

MB financial bank - Offering a higher amount of interest rates this bank has its own financial dignity. It has a certain amount of promotional factors for online banking customers and credit unions. The amount required to open an account is $25 and then you can frequently shift the transactions.


  • It offers maximum interest rates
  • It is eligible for ATM fee reimbursement
  • Multiple bank account options


  • A certain amount of monthly fee is required
  • Minimum deposit rates are also asked

PNC Bank - This bank is perfect for the customers who want convenience with the location as it has a limitation with it. It is one of the best saving banks in Chicago especially for the customers having an average source of income or for kids. This bank gives you a platform to gain enough rate of interests knowing your requirements. For new customers, it lands standard rates at only 0.01% APY.


  • It provides the best customer services
  • Also has autosaving tools
  • Protects the overdraft for accounts


  • Offers average interest rates
  • Limited geographical locations

US Bank Chicago - This bank is recommended mostly for the Mini investment organizations or for merchant services. Its policies are devoid of any monthly maintenance charges and provide considerably proper interest rates. Along with the multiple options with the account, it also provides support towards the real estate in capital investments for the money makers and financial organizations. Most of its services lie in favour of providing financial benefits to the customers and account holders.


  • Perfect for small scale business
  • Moderate interest rates
  • Instant loan for motor or an equipment


  • Minimum amount of deposit is demanded
  • Geographical locations are limited


Huntington Bank - This is a regional bank which has enough offerings beating the national banks. This bank also promotes the savings accounts by benefiting them from 0.10% to 0.15% additional APY while linking them to interest checking account. This bank has gained enough name through its customer services and problem resolving attitude within a time limit. With the considerate customer support and instant valuation of the investments, this bank is remarkable.


  • It encourages low balance requirement
  • Multiple geographical services with convenience
  • Instant customer support


  • Interest rates are not higher

Byline Bank - It is one among the best financial assistance and service providing bank in Chicago. This is one of the rare platforms which provide free checking no matter how many times you have used your debit card. Customers also get the unlimited cheque writing book consisting of standard cheques. The most convenient services of this bank are undoubtedly one of the best.


  • This bank provides the most affordable services
  • Multiple online banking features
  • Policies come under your schedule and compatibility


  • Does not provide huge coverage for large accounts

TCF Bank - This bank promotes online and mobile banking with customer friendly options. With the instant revival of investments and customer support, this bank is highly recommended by money makers and investors. It has around 300 + branches in the location hence convenient for a wide range of customers.


  • Instant money Revival and financial services
  • Customer support is friendly and productive
  • Its geographic location is benefiting for most of the customers


  • Interest rates are not higher.

American Eagle Bank of Chicago - As a local bank, it has gained the trust of many of the customers and money lenders. Their customer services are effective benefiting the customers with their savings and investments. This bank is well managed and provides instant cash renewals. With higher interest rates, the policies are well-oriented and coordinated. This bank gives you a platform to gain enormously knowing your requirements for the particular investment.


  • This bank offers a low maintenance fee
  • Comparatively higher interest rates are provided
  • Bank policies are in order to boost your savings


  • Most of the services are not timely

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Branches with google map of the 10 best banks in Chicago

1.Byline Bank Branches in Chicago

1561 N Wells St Branch Address 1561 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60610, USA W968+95 Chicago, Illinois, USA

1110 W 35th St Branch Address 1110 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609, USA R8JW+8F Chicago, Illinois, USA

For more branches in Chicago follow this link Byline Bank Addresses in Google Map 

2.Huntington Bank Branches in Chicago

1715 W 47th St Branch - Address 1715 W 47th St, Chicago, IL 60609, USA R85J+8Q Chicago, Illinois, USA

2130 W North Ave Branch - Address 2130 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, USA W869+7H Chicago, Illinois, USA

For more branches in Chicago follow this link Huntington Bank Addresses in Google Map 

3.Chase Bank Branches in Chicago

10 S Dearborn St Branch - Address 10 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60603, USA V9JC+M4 Chicago, Illinois, USA

41 W Jackson Blvd Branch - Address 141 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604, USA V9H9+44 Chicago, Illinois, USA

For more branches in Chicago follow this link Chase Bank Addresses in Google Map 

4.Wintrust Bank Branches in Chicago

10 S Dearborn St Branch - Address 10 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60603, USA V9JC+M4 Chicago, Illinois, USA

41 W Jackson Blvd Branch - Address 141 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604, USA V9H9+44 Chicago, Illinois, USA

For more branches in Chicago follow this link Chase Bank Addresses in Google Map 

5.U.S. Bank  Branches in Chicago 

801 N Clark St Branch - Address 801 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60610, USA V9W9+QM Chicago, Illinois, USA

2550 N Clybourn Ave Branch - Address 2550 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, USA W8HG+26 Chicago, Illinois, USA

For more branches in Chicago follow this link U.S. Bank Addresses in Google Map 

6.West Suburban Bank in Chicago

1296 E Chicago Ave Branch - Address 1296 E Chicago Ave, Naperville, IL 60540, USA QVGH+GX Naperville, Illinois, USA

17W754 22nd St Branch - Address  17W754 22nd St, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181,Oakbrook Terrace, York Township, IL, USA

For more branches in Chicago follow this link West Suburban Bank Addresses in Google Map

7.TCF Bank in Chicago

29 E Madison St Branch - Address 29 E Madison St #1, Chicago, IL 60602, USA V9JF+Q7 Chicago, Illinois, USA

1224 S Wabash Ave Branch - Address V98F+HF Chicago, Illinois, USA

For more branches in Chicago follow this link TCF Bank Addresses in Google Map

8.PNC Bank in Chicago

3820 W Belmont Ave Branch - Address 3820 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, USA W7QG+PF Chicago, Illinois, USA

2100 W Chicago Ave BranchAddress 2100 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, USA V8WC+G3 Chicago, Illinois, USA

For more branches in Chicago follow this link PNC Bank Addresses in Google Map

9.Federal Bank in Chicago

230 S LaSalle St Branch - Address 230 S LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60604, USA V9H8+9Q Chicago, Illinois, US

V9PH+49 Chicago, Illinois, USA

For more branches in Chicago follow this link Federal Bank Addresses in Google Map

10.First Eagle Bank in Chicago 

1201 W Madison St Branch - Address 1201 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60607, USA V8JV+H2 Chicago, Illinois, USA

4800 S Pulaski Rd Branch - Address 4800 S Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60632, USA R74G+8F Chicago, Illinois, US

For more branches in Chicago follow this link First Eagle Bank Addresses in Google Map


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