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How to save money - 10 ways

All of us wants to save some money  for future but at the end only few people could do it. Today I am going to tell you 10 ways on how to save money applicable to professionals, housewives and students.  All working people have some source of earnings. It always happens that at the end of every month we end up spending on something which we find later not worthy. So, if you follow certain guidelines and be little disciplined you could save a good chunk of money and over the time it would accumulate and would surely be a help in your rainy days. 


Financial stability is one of the most important factors of happiness. I have seen many of my friends, relatives and others who saved some money with a very little effort which needs no pain. It is just few of the activity that needed to be added to your daily life. And believe me once you start doing this you will surely enjoy the activities. It’s really fun. So let’s make it short and let me write those 10 important points which would definitely help you in saving your hard earned money.


How to save money (SSP – Smart Savings Plan)


  1. Little is more: Yes you heard it right, little is always more but only when you do it regularly and consistently. There are few ways to do it, daily, weekly and monthly. I choose daily. All you need to do is buy a piggy bank or make a small drawer your piggy bank. Put a certain fixed amount every day in it. Let’s say you put $5 every day, its $150 in a month, $1800 in a year and $,9000 in 5 years’ time.
  2. Saving your Coins: I am sure every day you come back home with some coins in your wallet. If you make a habit of putting in all those coins in your piggy bank you could save a minimum of $1000 in 5 years, it could be higher. Don’t wait start from today.
  3. Groceries and daily needs: It’s for sure you would need certain daily products in bulk quantities. It would hardly take one hour to list it down. Divide the list on the basis of timeline – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1year. Get these products in bulk. You could at least save $5000 in 5 years.
  4. Buying unwanted stuff: Believe it or not all of us buy things that are unwanted or has very little use, if you open that carton or the bag of unused stuff, you will be shocked to know that how much spent for such products. It’s mostly clothes, fancy gadgets, fancy utensils, ornaments, etc. Instead if you would have invested on mutual funds or put in at a bank, it would have surely doubled by now.



  1. Use Coupons while buying online: In this internet generation, we are bound to go online for buying almost anything. Just spending five minutes to search the best coupon code that can be used to buy a certain product, you could save lots. Also, you should compare the price of the product you are buying on different websites. I bet if you do these every time you buy products online and take all the online benefits such as first time user, referral, coupon, etc.. You are going to save $1000 in a year for sure.
  2. Early holiday planning: Holidays are very important part of your hectic life. It’s like oasis in a desert. I am sure it always happens with most of us that we end up spending so much to make it a success. If you book the flights, hotel, tickets, etc., 4-6 months earlier you could save lots of money and at the same time you will have peace of mind and surety.
  3. Eating at restaurants/online order too often: Ask yourself, do you really like that junk food you order every fortnight? It’s just a habit which you acquired due to your lifestyle. There are many recipes which hardly need any efforts and you can get it on YouTube. This doesn’t cost you only money but your health as well.
  4. Savings on travelling: You could save lots of money if you plan your daily travelling smartly. Carpool can save almost 80% of your travelling cost. There are many applications like BlaBlaCar which allows you to choose co passengers to share your ride.
  5. Buying expensive items on sale: There are sell going on always. Be it online or offline, you can wait for the perfect time to buy those products. Amazon offers black Friday sales where you will find many items in less than half the retail price.
  6. Selling off unwanted stuff: You could save so much money by selling all the unwanted stuff such as old unused computer, laptop, phone, electronic items, etc. It will help you in creating more space in your house and at the same time you will get some money as well.


I am sure all the above mentioned points are easy and fun at the same time. Even if you follow few of the points you could save lots of money. These are small activities which everybody should be doing. There are other ways of savings, I would better say earning interest which I will cover in my next article. You can subscribe us to get all the updates on your email id.

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Paul William
Author: Paul William
I am an American Economist (Ph.D. MIT). Over 1981-88, I was an Assistant Professor of Economics at the City University of New York. I have also assisted the Republic Government of USA I have worked in several countries in Europe and Africa as a consultant. I have also been a consultant for a variety of U.S. agencies. These include the D.C. Public Service Commission, the D.C. Department of Energy and Wind and Solar Energy California.

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