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Pink Credit Card

If you have arrived here, it means you are looking for a beautiful Pink Credit Card which can enhance your fashion statement. There are very few pink colored credit cards out there in the market and I bet, you did not find many options and that is the reason you are here. I would be happy to share with you all the information today. There are many banks, credit unions and other financial institutions which offer pink colored credit cards. This cards are mostly liked by females as males generally like colors such as black, blue and grey. It is also important to look at other features such as fees, APR, credit limit, as credit card is a part of our financial obligation.


Top Pink Credits Cards

  1. Susan G. Komen® Pink Cash Rewards Visa® credit card - Bank of America
  2. VISA® Pink Card - Hawaii Federal Credit Union
  3. Pink Discover it Miles - Discover Bank
  4. Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card - Comenity
  5. Pink Allure Mastercard® - National Bank
  6. Disney® Visa® Card - Chase Bank
  7. U.S. Bank Visa® Debit Card - US Bank

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Pink Allure Mastercard : This is an awesome credit card with great cause of supporting the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. This is a great initiative taken by National Bank for breast cancer. This credit card looks fantastic with image of a sunflower of pink shade on it. Also, there are several features attached with the card such as $0 annual fee, double the manufacturer's warrant and so on. Whenever you make a transaction, when you purchase using Pink Allure Master Card you are indirectly helping the breast cancer patients.

Here are the features you may be looking for

  • Annual Charges : $0
  • Design : Pink and white in color with a pink ribbon, and a horizontal Allure tag. 
  • Bonus : 10% off on gift cards from yourallure.ca
  • APR : 19.99%
  • Rewards : Get 1 reward point by spending $2 and 100  point is equivalent to $10, isn't it a great deal.

 For more information you can visit pink allure page

Disney Visa Card : This pink credit card is offered by the giant Chase Bank and most of the rewards are related to Disney products. There is no annual fee for this credit card and you also save 10% at Disney stores. 

  • Annual Charges : $0
  • Design : Pink and red in color with a Disney logo
  • Bonus : Save 10% on Disney stores
  • APR : 17.74%
  • Rewards : 1% Disney rewards dollars on purchase by card

 For more information you can visit Disney Visa Card page


Susan G. Komen Pink Cash Rewards : This credit card is offered by Bank of America with no annual fee. Features includes text banking, FICO Score, fraud protection, digital wallet, online and mobile and upto 3% cashback on every spending. Also welcome bonus of $200.

  • Annual Charges : $0
  • Design : Pink and black shades in color
  • Bonus : Save 10% on Disney stores
  • APR : 24.99%, however, 0% for the first year
  • Rewards : 3% cashback on gas, 2% at grocery and 1% for all other purchase with a limit of $2,500 every quarter. 

For more information you can visit Susan G. Komen Pink Cash Rewards page

Victoria's Secret Pink Angel : This is the most loved pink credit card in the market. This card is exclusively designed for females and all rewards are female oriented. Features includes free shipping, rewards for shopping, events access and birthday gift.

  • Annual Charges : $0
  • Design : Pink color with Victoria Secret written in white
  • Bonus : 20% off on purchase
  • APR : N/A
  • Rewards : events access, free shipping, etc.   
  • Rewards : 1% Disney rewards dollars on purchase by card

For more information you can Victoria's Secret Pink Angel page


Why Pink Credit Cards are chosen by women

Pink is the favorite color of most of the females, that is not only the reason also most of the pink credit cards features are related to women such as shopping, dining, cash back on female oriented stores and so on. Also, according to some women the color goes with their personality and fashion. Pink i like black for women and they even want their credit cards to be pink. Just imagine any of their clothes you will find shade of pink or whole pink. It is not limited to wardrobe even their lipstick and ornaments are pink, it is a matter of color and not just other financial benefits. 

Final words - Whatever be the color of the credit card be it pink or black, we must make a habit of not spending unnecessarily, and clear all dues on time. Partial or minimum payment should be avoided and we should make habit of paying the full amount every month which helps our credit score to be in good standing. Without good credit score financial institutions do not offer mortgage, auto loan, personal loan or any kind credit. 

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