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Best Credit Cards

Credit Cards have become a second nature for us. For anything and everything we have started making use of this smart money, be it purchasing things online from sites like amazon or even the next door shops, from buying medicines to filling up the gas tanks, from paying up loans to helping friends with money. There is cut throat among the various card companies to grab the largest market share of this ever expanding market. In order to get more customers, these credit card companies come up with several new and innovative techniques and offers. From a customer perspective when you decide to buy a new card, it very important to see the benefits offered by the card against your needs.


Here we look at some of the best credit cards in USA. While deciding to go for the credit card a few pointers to keep in mind are the Sign up benefit offered, flat cash back rates, daily usage bonus or cash back, travel points, shopping points, % APR, Annual Fee etc. These should help you decide which one is the best for you.

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Best Credit Cards 

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Here is the list of top 10 Credit Cards

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card: If you are a frequent traveler, then this could be a good bet for you as it is one of the most popular card among the travelers because of the flexibilities and rewards it offers. It offers relatively high reward points for travel and dinning, add to it the fact that it is part of the Chase Ultimate Rewards as well. On the flip side only the first year in maintenance free. From the second year onwards you need to churn out close a $100 per year. So if you are one of those who don’t spend much, please give this a pass.
  • Capital One Quick Silver Card: This is the best card in the flat cash back category with the highest cash back percentage across all spending.  The current offer is unlimited 1.5% flat cash back on all the transactions done through the card. So if you are the person who uses the card frequently for even small things and the number of transactions you daily is more, then you should go for this.
  • Discover it Cash Back:This card offers a cashback of 5% but not on all categories. Fixed flat cash back on all categories is limited to 1%. In addition it offers special cash back on regularly used categories like fuel stations, restaurants clubs and more. Though every quarter they change the categories where the flat 5% offer is applicable, and that is the catch.
  • Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card:This card is best used for getting maximum reward points which can later be redeemed against other purchases or offers. The USP of this card is the simplicity of its terms and conditions. Flat 10X miles of thousands of hotels across the globe and 2X miles on every purchase. Simple and clear. It also comes pre-loaded with a joining bonus of 50,000 miles. It is named as “The Best Travel Card” by CNBC in 2018.


  • Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card:With $0 annual fee for lifetime and multiple reward point system is what makes this card stand out from the crowd. It offers 3X on food and online orders, 3X reward points at fuel stations, 3X reward point on travel and 1X reward points on everything else. Another added benefit is the 0% APR for the first year.
  • Citi Simplicity Card:Now this card is for those who keep forgetting the payment deadlines. Jokes apart, this card has no late fees, no penalty and no annual fees too. All this not just for the first year but every year after that till you use the card. But on the flipside, there are no other benefits except the above mentioned ones. No cash back and no reward miles.  With no late payment fee, this card can be used for making bulk purchases and then paying slowly without a penalty
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited:This card offers a 1.5% flat cash back on every purchase. It comes with $0 annual fee and hence the name Freedom. You also get the flexibility to redeem the cash back anytime you choose with no minimum limit set for the amount.
  • Citi Diamond Preferred Card:This credit card is used by people who would like gradually pay their debts without incurring extra charges. This card offers 0% introductory APR for the first 21 months. It also has a $0 annual fee.
  • Bank of America Cash Reward Credit Card:This is beneficial for those who already hold an account with the Bank of America, the reason being this card offers an additional 10% bonus on fixed purchases for account holders. If you are a Preferred Rewards client, then this bonus percentage is even higher. Apart for that it also offers normal cash back or 1% or 2% to all customers irrespective of their relation with the bank.
  • US Bank Visa Platinum Card:This card offers the users to decide their payment schedule. It also offers 0% APR for the first 20 cycles which is nearly 2 years apart from $0 annual fee. This card also has low interest rates among peers.

Well, hope this helps you decide which card best suits you.


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